Feedyard application of Whisper®

• Determine lung condition of pulled animal and apply treatment regimen
• Quantitative review of pulled animals

Whisper is a precision instrument that listens to the sound frequencies generated in the lungs as the animal inhales and exhales air. When the frequencies are analyzed by the algorithm software a lung severity score will be given from a 1 to 5 with 1 being normal and 5 being heavily diseased and chronic.


Where do I use Whisper? Use Whisper in the Feedlot Hospital.

Whisper will give you an assessment of lung disease that is not biased but a clear objective assessment of the condition of the animals lungs. Use Whisper in the Hospital to detect severity of Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD) and use different regimens of treatment. As animals are pulled and sent to the hospital each animals lungs are analyzed by Whisper to determine what degree of BRD is present. Determine the best treatment protocol to use according to severity to reduce re-treatments and death loss.

Use Whisper on animals pulled for potential re-treatment to check if the lung conditions are actually improving from the previous treatment given. The animal may be actually getting better but clinical signs still have not yet shown improvement.


Introduction to Whisper® by Watson IBM